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September 14, 2017
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While you may be stocking up on hand sanitizer and avoiding crowded events, if you have not received your seasonal flu vaccine, then you have not taken the most important step to protect yourself from the flu. 

An annual flu vaccine is the first step in preventing the flu. It is recommended by the CDC that, everyone 6 months and older should get an annual flu vaccine. It takes 2 weeks for protection from a flu vaccine to develop in the body.


FICTION: The flu vaccine gives you the flu...........FACT: The adult flu vaccine does not contain a live flu virus so it is impossible to acquire the flu from it. 

FICTION:  The flu vaccine does not work.........FACT: The flu vaccine is the single most effective protection against the flu.

FICTION: I am fit and healthy, I don't need the flu vaccine........FACT Being healthy does not prevent you from getting the flu, and you could be spreading the virus without any symptoms.


Mount Vernon Internal Medicine will be offering the annual flu vaccine beginning in October. These vaccines can be administered during a lab appointment or a regular provider appointment for all of our patients. We will also be sending out campaign calls, portal messages and emails providing you with important information about the flu vaccine. Schedule your appointment today and help be a Flu Fighter!!! 

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Attention valued patients of Mount Vernon Internal Medicine

In an effort to provide you with prompt, accurate, and extraordinary care we need your help.

We are overwhelmed with the number of refill requests we are getting from our patients and pharmacies.  You may have noted this with longer wait times to call our office.  This is taking away staff time from other duties that are crucial to patient care.

 We would like to encourage you to bring your medications with you to every visit. If you are unable to bring your medications, please bring a list of your medications. This will ensure your records are kept up to date, we reduce medication errors and we can see if you require any refills with your medication bottles.  Please note any prescription refills that are requested outside of an office visit will only be filled with a 30 day supply, at the clinician’s discretion. We are respectfully asking that you make an appointment when refills are due. The practice reserves the right to charge a $10 fee for all prescriptions requested and filled outside of an office visit. Be aware that you should allow more than 24 hours for a called in prescription.  Prescriptions will not be refilled on weekends, holidays or after hours. In order to avoid the need of this charge please make sure you ask for your medication refills during your office visit. Please note that Mount Vernon Internal Medicine will not refill lost or stolen controlled substances. 

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January 04, 2017
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Dear Valued Patients,


We are in the process of changing our EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system. We believe that this change will benefit you with increased functionality. Additionally, there will be a new patient portal which will be more user friendly.

Some of the additional features will include but not limited to:

  • Direct Appointment scheduling (including non-business hours)
  • Online bill pay
  • Easier registration and navigation of the patient portal
  • Easier printing of care plan summaries, results, etc.


Mount Vernon Internal Medicine is dedicated to your care and the use of technology to streamline our interactions with you. It is our profound hope that you take advantage of the new portal and the myriad of options, therein.

Our system conversion will be completed on January 17, 2017. As such, we will need all patients to bring in their photo ID and insurance card for all appointments beginning January 18, 2017 which will be needed to be input into the new system. We ask that every patient arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their appointment to ensure that all information is updated and you are seen in a timely manner. Your patience during this conversion is greatly appreciated.


We are grateful to be your provider of choice and hope to fulfill your healthcare needs in the most efficient, patient-centric manner.




MVIM Management

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Have you heard that we have a FREE patient portal?  Already registered? Not registered yet?

Here is everything you need to know about the portal……..

-You can view up to 1 years worth of medical records on the Follow My Health secure patient portal

- You can directly communicate with your provider with the message feature

-You can update your demographic information as well as your preferred pharmacy for medication refill ease

-You can request medications from the portal and have these sent directly to your provider for review

- You can fax and email your medical records to another provider should you wish to

- You get appointment alerts and reminders

-If you have a Follow My Health portal with another provider you can combine your records in one place for convenience

- Check online after your appointment to view your most recent lab results. (We do ask if you have any questions about anything in your lab results that you do still come in for an appointment to have this information reviewed with a provider)

-Make sure you provide your E-mail address at check in on our quick and friendly electronic check in system Phreesia so we can send you an invite.

-The portal is secure so we do not have access to your user name or password so make sure you write it down when you register and ENJOY!!!!

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Measles, Mumps and Rubella. Oh My. Eradication in the US, no more.

With the recent news reports regarding the pockets of measles infections related to visitors at Disney, there have been many questions raised in regards to a childhood disease that was once declared eradicated in the US.

Most if not all of the adult population born after 1957 in the US received 2 doses of the MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) vaccine, those born prior to the development of the vaccine (1957) are assumed to have natural immunity through infection, since Measles, Mumps and Rubella were once a rite of passage in one’s childhood.

The CDC published an excellent Question and Answer page on Measles, please find the link below:


As always, if you are concerned in anyway about your risk in contracting Measles, we are always here to answer questions, simply make an appointment and come on in.


With spring on the horizon, a couple housekeeping items to keep your visit with us as smooth as possible:


We have instituted a 10 minute late arrival policy. This is in response to patient concerns regarding the amount of time they waited to see a provider. Please note, if you arrive 10 minutes or later after your appointment time, you may be asked to reschedule. While we will do our best to accommodate you into the schedule with the provider you were originally scheduled with, we may not be able to due to scheduling constraints and you may be offered an appointment with another provider or at a different location. We are mindful of our patient’s time and hope that this will decrease delays experienced by our patients.


Are you new to us? Coming in for the first time?

We ask all of our new patients to come in at least 15 minutes prior to their appointment time to allow for the collection of all demographic and insurance information. This will insure that your appointment is spent discussing your medical concerns and not completing registration items. We want play an active role in your quest for good health, let’s start off on a good foot.

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