Be a Flu Fighter
September 14, 2017
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While you may be stocking up on hand sanitizer and avoiding crowded events, if you have not received your seasonal flu vaccine, then you have not taken the most important step to protect yourself from the flu. 

An annual flu vaccine is the first step in preventing the flu. It is recommended by the CDC that, everyone 6 months and older should get an annual flu vaccine. It takes 2 weeks for protection from a flu vaccine to develop in the body.


FICTION: The flu vaccine gives you the flu...........FACT: The adult flu vaccine does not contain a live flu virus so it is impossible to acquire the flu from it. 

FICTION:  The flu vaccine does not work.........FACT: The flu vaccine is the single most effective protection against the flu.

FICTION: I am fit and healthy, I don't need the flu vaccine........FACT Being healthy does not prevent you from getting the flu, and you could be spreading the virus without any symptoms.


Mount Vernon Internal Medicine will be offering the annual flu vaccine beginning in October. These vaccines can be administered during a lab appointment or a regular provider appointment for all of our patients. We will also be sending out campaign calls, portal messages and emails providing you with important information about the flu vaccine. Schedule your appointment today and help be a Flu Fighter!!!