Everything you need to know about our Patient Portal……..
By contactus@mtvernoninternalmedicine.com
April 07, 2016
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Have you heard that we have a FREE patient portal?  Already registered? Not registered yet?

Here is everything you need to know about the portal……..

-You can view up to 1 years worth of medical records on the Follow My Health secure patient portal

- You can directly communicate with your provider with the message feature

-You can update your demographic information as well as your preferred pharmacy for medication refill ease

-You can request medications from the portal and have these sent directly to your provider for review

- You can fax and email your medical records to another provider should you wish to

- You get appointment alerts and reminders

-If you have a Follow My Health portal with another provider you can combine your records in one place for convenience

- Check online after your appointment to view your most recent lab results. (We do ask if you have any questions about anything in your lab results that you do still come in for an appointment to have this information reviewed with a provider)

-Make sure you provide your E-mail address at check in on our quick and friendly electronic check in system Phreesia so we can send you an invite.

-The portal is secure so we do not have access to your user name or password so make sure you write it down when you register and ENJOY!!!!