New Year, New You!
January 02, 2015
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New Year, New You, Make It Count!


It is 2015! Five quick ways to a healthy new you!


1: Eat with purpose!

Tweak your meal choices just slightly and make sure you are getting in your 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. With our busy lifestyles, this can be difficult. Eating while on the go can often result in us snacking on high fat foods which can be of low nutritional value.  At mealtimes, try picking foods that are high in fiber: fruits, vegetables and whole grains- which are not only helpful for our digestive health but are filling too. You will stay fuller longer which leads to less snacking.


2: Take the weight off!

Those dreaded holiday pounds! They always manage to creep on much quicker than they go away. Don’t be discouraged by slow results, try “buddying up” with a friend or online group. Challenging yourself with the support of others with help keep you accountable and on track. Remember, big changes don’t happen overnight, so try not to focus on your overall goal, instead aiming for short term goals and the small changes you will make to achieve them, take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Last but not least, CELEBRATE! Recognize your achievement at each milestone with something that you will enjoy, (not anything that will compromise your new healthy habits). New lipstick or a new outfit in your new smaller size!


3. Cut the ball and chain, start the New Year Smoke Free!

Kick the habit. No better time to do it. Choose your quit date and stick to it. Don’t be discouraged if find yourself regressing; just keep going with your plan to quit. One of the most important elements that people who have quit smoking express was the need to feel in control of their quitting journey. If you are having difficulty achieving success, have the discussion with your medical provider, there are several options available to help you.


4. De-Stress!

Designate time for yourself a couple of times a week or daily if you can. Use this time to take a brisk walk, participate in a yoga or other exercise class. Meditation and calming activities can help relieve stress. Relieving stress and getting exercises are both heart healthy activities.


5. See your medical provider regularly and get all of your screening exams done!

Colonoscopies, Mammograms, Prostate Exams, oh my. These are all important screenings to have done. Screening exams are very important tools in your quest to stay healthy. Don’t wait until you’re symptomatic to look into things. Did you know that colon cancer is one of the slowest growing cancers and if caught early has one of the highest cure rates of all cancers? Make it a point to stay healthy in 2015, get your screenings done.


Don’t forget that in the New Year, your insurance deductible and benefits may change. Be sure to speak with your human resource manager or your insurance company so that you understand what your coverage and responsibilities are. Being well-informed is beneficial to you; it will help prevent any big out of pocket surprises and will insure that you utilize your benefits to their maximum potential. Also, don't forget to bring in your new insurance card and keep us informed of any changes you may have experienced.