Mount Vernon Internal Medicine is now offering a limited number of daily visits for patients with viral symptoms.   

These ‘sick visits’ are limited through the day and will be seen in a limited area of the office.  We are taking these measures to ensure that we are not exposing our well patients to any viral illnesses.

All patients that have upper respiratory or gastrointestinal complaints will be tested for Flu, Covid 19, Strep A, and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) prior to coming into the office. These tests require two nasal swabs and one throat swab.  We will have a staff member perform the test in an area designated in the office or in the convenience of your car.

If you or your family member tests positive for any of the above, your appointment will be converted to a virtual appointment. Those that test negative will be allowed to enter the office and will be seen in person by a Provider.

*If you do not have the capability of doing a virtual or facetime appointment, which requires the use of a smart phone, you will be referred to urgent care* 

If needed, please call our main number at 703-780-2800 to schedule a sick appointment and get further instructions.

Thank you